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colonelrogers ASKED:
Steve has a habit in bed where he rolls on top of Tony and blankets himself over him to protect him in his sleep. Tony always wakes up when he feels himself getting squished into the pillow but the only way he can wake Steve up is by flailing about underneath him so when Steve finally stirs in a half-asleep haze, he thinks that Tony's trying to start ~nookie~.


And pfffft it’s not like Tony’s going to say no so he just smiles to himself and gets busy stickin’ his hand down Steve’s pants.

This also has the side effect of encouraging Tony to come to bed around the same time as Steve… so not only is he well-laid he’s also well-rested!

Still laughing over Bendis trying to change Richard Rider to ‘Ryder’


no but seriously can’t stevetony just have this one thing? like can people not come up with a new name for born-female tony? like they have to specifically take what little canon we have and shit directly on it? ok.


tanakah2co3 and others said: Sorry for my trespass. Can I request T-bone’s yogurt night? I am really into T-bone. Thx~



do you think the russo borthers hate joss whedon? they are so careful with steve’s character development  and then joss whedon is just like “haha he’s old” and then jerks it to tony stark